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AAA Accessibilità Abitabilità Apprendimento. For the past two years we've been working on a project about the accessibility of reading. 

The first stage has been completed, with the collaboration of Luciano Perondi, who helped us create the Kind font and the Macramé series for publishers Loescher. Linked to these reflections and experiences of typography and reading performance, we recommend the font TestMe, created by Luciano Perondi and Leonardo Romei, in order to check some of the most important typographical features in the reading process. TestMe can be downloaded and modified thanks to its OpenFont licence.

How. Our project Accessibilità, Abitabilità, Apprendimento is based on field testing and an inclusive design approach, and will continue for the next two years, overlapping and integrating with the interactive eBook project. The goal: to apply the results of our research on the habitability of the digital page and its accessibility for people with learning difficulties. Digital technology offers us a unique opportunity to work dynamically and create tailor-made solutions for each reader, using rigorous reading tests to find the most suitable strategies to suit their individual needs. All visual, typographical and layout-based variables with an impact on reading will be identified and adjusted individually.​
What. Graphic design.
Year. 2013.
Partnerships. Luciano Perondi.

TestMe can be downloaded and explored here.

Anyone interested in contributing or working with us on this legibility research is welcome to contact us, we would be happy to compare notes.

Accessiblity, Habitability, Learning.
testme font
Trials for the font TestMe, designed by Luciano Perondi and Leonardo Romei.