Become an Inventor 2017

Diventa Inventore [become an inventor] is a competition promoted by Mantova Ambiente for elementary and middle schools, to reduce the production of waste and raise awareness among the younger generation about reuse.

How. We designed an activity kit, comprising materials to cut out, instructions and suggestions. The kit was distributed to the different classes, where the pupils had a go at the difficult art of design for reuse. The winners were rewarded with a selection of 100 children's books about the environment, in a big bin-shaped library on wheels.

What. Analysis, design and production of kits, communications and a library-bin. Organization and direction of the prize-giving day.
Client. Mantova Ambiente, Mantua (IT).
Year. 2017.
Partnerships. Maurizio Cardillo - actor and entertainer, Gianumberto Accinelli - entomologist, Lorenzo Monaco - science journalist, Silvana Sola - pedagogist and bookseller.

Become an Inventor is part of the environmental awareness raising campaign Differenti Positivi [positively different] developed for Mantova Ambiente.

The Differenti Positivi project
The Diventa Inventore competition