BCBF 2018. Visual identity workshop

We developed the visual identity for the 2018 edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair at the BCBF visual identity workshop. 

This year, among the participants from the Illustrators’ Exhibition 2017, we have selected 22-year-old Parisian Chloé Alméras: we were looking for the architecture of worlds, inhabited landscapes, planetary systems, living, flexible environments. We dived into Chloé’s illustrations, into her shades of blue and her microscopic details, which gave us an idea about how to use them to talk about the fair. A world teeming with details and at the same time, inhabited with a calm intensity.

How. Chloé came to visit us in July, and we spent many hours together tuning in with one another. We were soon submerged in her drawings, full of minute details, suggestive of a fertile world where stories are conceived, shared and multiplied: so it was that the central theme of this edition was unearthed: “Fertile Ground for Children’s Content”.
What. Selection of an illustrator, development of an idea and of the central theme, planning.
Client. Bologna Trade fairs, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2018.

The story of the idea, the project and the first developments is also told on the BCBF website.

Our work together at Bologna Children’s Book Fair