Ambinoi becomes an inventor

Ambinoi: we are the environment

Ambinoi is the fruit of a publishing workshop, designed and created for Mantova Ambiente, which became a magazine.

How. Forty-eight 17x24-cm pages, to help children aged eight to thirteen to reflect on environmental topics. Art, science, comic strips, games, reports, interviews… the ingredients are all there, and were produced by Marco Bassi, Luca Capuano, Carlo Favero, Luisa Mattia, Lorenzo Monaco, Giuseppe Palumbo, Matteo Pompili, Bruno Tognolini.

What. Publishing project, graphic design, editing and page layout.
Client. Gruppo TEA, Mantova (IT).
Year. 2015.

The digital version of Ambinoi can be seen on BiblioTEA.

Cover of Ambinoi
Ambinoi stories
Ambinoi ocean