Maestra Natura

Maestra natura [learning from nature] is the company profile we designed for Gruppo TEA, with a printed and digital publication that talks about the values, services and environmental strategies of the multi-utility group.

How. Services regarding energy, water, waste collection and cemetery management are described and narrated through animals that have a virtuous relationship with the environment. Bees, pond skaters, fireflies and butterflies are the masters teaching us how to relate with the surrounding environment.

What. Publishing project, graphic design, editing and page layout.
Client. Gruppo TEA, Mantova (IT).
Year. 2016.

“The soul of the world, my friends,
is there, in a speck of dust or pollen
or purpurin, in a strand of hair,
in an ant.”
[Translated from Leonardo Sinisgalli, Furor Mathematicus
Milano, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, 1950]

The digital version of Abbecedario-Maestra Natura can be seen on BiblioTEA.

maestra natura-formiche.jpg