Citybin is an innovative service for the separated collection of paper, plastic, glass and aluminium in the historic centre of Mantua. A modular container that makes it easier for people to insert their waste, cleaner waste collection for the city, and more efficient recycling in favour of the environment.

How. We drafted a communication plan to promote the new Mantova Ambiente bin to the local population. The communication will convey a strong image, coherent with the commitment and care with which Mantova Ambiente and the people of Mantua approach problems relating to the environment, ecology and sustainability. The project began by building an identity for the new bin (name, logo, graphic design for the electronic card) and continues with communications on all media used to inform the local population and raise awareness of the new service.
What. Identity, graphic design, creative direction, copywriting and editing of content.
Client. Mantova Ambiente, Mantua (IT).
Year. 2018.

The new Citybins were created by the City of Mantua, in partnership with Mantova Ambiente, based on a design by Giulio Iacchetti.

Watch the videos here and here