Con Federambiente abbiamo dato vita a un manuale antispreco per trasformare i rifiuti in ricchezza. Il manuale è rivolto ai ragazzi e nasce con lo scopo di essere un supporto alle attività culturali, scolastiche ed educative.

With Federambiente, we brought to life an anti-waste manual, to transform rubbish into riches. The manual is designed for teenagers, and is intended to provide support for cultural, scholastic and educational activities.

How. Trashedu is full of pictures, illustrations and diagrams, and includes interactive experiences that can be used in the classroom or at home. The aim is to spread a culture of attention and care for the environment.  
What. Graphic design and page layout.
Year. 2002.

The manual was a great success, and indeed, over the following years three updated editions were reproduced. Federambiente

" Manuale antispreco" per Federambiente