In books, the world

Il progetto Nei libri il mondo ha come obiettivo quello di far conoscere attraverso le parole, le immagini, le opere d’arte raccontate nei libri per ragazzi, le storie di popoli che si sono incontrati, di donne e uomini che si sono guardati, di genti che si sono scontrate, di vite che si sono salvate, di gesta che si sono intrecciate.

The project Nei libri il mondo [in books, the world] aims to use words, pictures and works of art from children's books to present the stories of peoples who have come together, women and men who have looked one another in the eye, people who have clashed, lives that have been saved, existences that have intertwined.

In the news we hear reports of xenophobia, voyages of hope, intolerance and race. We have searched children's books to find elements of intercultural dialogue that create a journey made of a mix of narrative voices, poetic rhythms, thoughts, life stories, pictures, figures, illustrations and works of art, leading us to discover new horizons.

How. Nei libri il mondo is a library, exhibit and travelling workshop that brings together children’s books without borders, reaffirming the necessity of true civic education that can provide the tools to move towards a deeper understanding, above and beyond grand and empty words. Migration, war zones, illustrators and publishing companies at the forefront are all part of a system that seeks to give voice to both the content and the quality of printed products, to the evocative and expressive power of visual media, to the particular nature of the language used to convey the concepts of meeting, welcoming and inclusion.
What. Graphic design, exhibition staging.
Client.  Giannino Stoppani Cooperativa Culturale, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2013.