Il nastro di Moebius

The Moebius strip

We were responsible for the visual identity of a series of meetings entitled Il nastro di Moebius. Dialoghi fra scrittori e fumettisti.  [The Moebius strip. Dialogues between writers and comic book illustrators]. 

Six meetings to explore the dialogue between different languages that interact on the same level, with no boundaries to cross, as if they were moving on a Moebius strip.

How. We gave a face (and two eyes) to this unusual combination of languages, references and evocative impressions.​
What. Coordinated image.
Client. Genius Bononiae, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2012.

“Ordinary surfaces, i.e., surfaces that we are used to seeing in daily life, always have two ‘sides’, so that it is always possible to ideally run the length of one side without ever touching the other, except by crossing a dividing line, in the form of a corner (or ‘edge’) […]. However, in the case of the Moebius strip, this principle does not apply: there is only one side and only one edge. If you run your finger around it once, you end up on the opposite side. Only after going around twice do you end up back at the starting point. Thus, for example, you could pass from one surface to the ‘rear’ without ever turning the strip and or cross the edge, but simply by travelling along it.” (translated from

Il nastro di Moebius