MaturitApp è un’app per smartphone che contiene 540 quiz di biologia, chimica, fisica e scienze della Terra su tutti gli argomenti da ripetere prima dell’esame di maturità. Aiuta i ragazzi a verificare la loro preparazione, confermare ciò che sanno bene ed evidenziare velocemente i punti deboli da ripassare

MaturitApp is a quiz app for smartphones containing 540 Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences tests on all topics to be revised for the Italian high school leaving exams. It helps students to check how well-prepared they are, confirming what they know well and rapidly highlighting any weak areas for further revision.

How. We designed and developed a tool to encourage students to test themselves, making revision more fun. MaturitApp is designed for students approaching their leaving exams, but it can also help those preparing exercises for students, by identifying the most difficult topics, and thus creating exercises more suitable for revision work.
What. Strategy, design, UX, UI, development, promotion.
Method and technology. Agile, ScrumDNASynapse.
Client. Zanichelli Editore, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2016.

MaturitApp and UniversitApp in detail

“The app that needs to be on the smartphone of every candidate is undoubtedly MaturitApp by Zanichelli, available free of charge from Apple Store and Google Play. This highly functional app allows students to assess their level of preparation across a range of subjects, such as Biology or Earth Sciences, using quizzes on the main topics that have to be memorized in order to be sufficiently prepared and pass the third exam with ease.” (Smartworld, June 2016)