Science at the forge is the art behind good living - Fiori Group at Ecomondo 2013

La scienza in fucina è l'arte di vivere bene [Science at the forge is the art behind good living] is the installation created for Fiori Group at Ecomondo 2013. We tried to extract the hidden values of metals, special ingredients to prepare ideal recipes.

How. Knowledge of the secret virtues of metals became the starting point from which to discover and understand the virtuous process of collection, separation and recycling that leads to a better quality of life for everyone and to the preservation of our environment.

What. Analysis, design and production, staging of exhibition.
Client. Fiori Group, Valsamoggia (IT).
Year. 2013.

Our projects for Fiori Group


Ecomondo 2013, Rimini. A project that goes beyond outfitting and becomes an active installation involving thousands of visitors who neatly (and surprisingly) got into line to select the metals, which based on their characteristics made up their ideal recipe.


You choose the metal from the drawer, observing it and touching it; some are heavy, some are light, others are cold, others hot, with different properties. They are placed on the scale and weighed for your recipe. At the end, they print out a receipt and you keep it along with your shopping bag.

The book La scienza in fucina è l'arte di viver bene: 12 stories collected by an anonymous author and illustrated in iron wire by Berger & Talleri.