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Bicentenario della nascita di Charles Dickens.

The bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Two Centuries After: Charles Dickens is the exhibition planned by Bologna Children’s Book Fair and curated by Cooperativa Culturale Giannino Stoppani, held at the Casa Saraceni in Bologna. 

How. The logo accompanying the exhibition was created in collaboration with Vanna Vinci. A face that does not look at you, but instead writes for you. The interior design includes theatrical scenery, lavishly decked tables and stacks of first pages, to accompany the gallery of illustrations for A Christmas Carol. On display are illustrations by Barbero-Gil, Blake, Ensikat, Fomina, Innnocenti, Lynch, McKowen, Simmonds, Zwerger and Maggioni.
What. Design, staging of exhibition.
Client. Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2012.
Partnerships. Vanna Vinci.