DockBooking è un’app mobile per la prenotazione di posti barca e un CMS (web) per la loro gestione e amministrazione da parte dei portuali.

DockBooking is a mobile app for reserving seats on boats, and a WCMS with which port facilities can manage and administer them.

How. DockBooking asked for a long analysis of competitors in the boating sector and of best practices in the online reservation sector. Having concluded the analysis and the initial planning stages, we quickly moved on to the development of a prototype that would then enable us to collect data and information on the firms and to test how the app worked.
What. Analysis, general design, UX and UI design, prototyping, development, testing.
Method and technology. Agile, ScrumDNASynapseNativescriptStripe.
Client. DockBooking, Lugano (CH).
Year. 2017.