The children’s room. Toys and furniture from the Marzadori collection

The exhibition La camera dei bambini. Giocattoli e arredi della collezione Marzadori 1900-1950 [The children's room. Toys and furniture from the Marzadori collection] runs in Salaborsa, Bologna from 22 March to 14 June 2014. It includes 400 works, many of them unique. 

All together, they represent a veritable inventory of the design and master-craftsmanship of the first half of the twentieth century, often drawing inspiration from avant-garde artistic movements: a testament to the development of social customs, changes in art, society, production, culture, history and education in Italy.

How. We brought toys and furniture in wood, metal, enamel and processed fabrics back to life. In the graphic design and page layout, we played without nets or grids, allowing objects to move freely in the contemporary space of the white page, simply indulging their visual weight, their glances and their tactile qualities.
What. Graphic design and page layout for catalogue.
Client. Pendragon edizioni, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2014.