What Ariosto saw when he closed his eyes

The Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara asked us to prepare six short videos, ahead of the exhibition Orlando Furioso 500 Anni [Orlando Furioso 500 years]. Each video opens a curtain behind which the great poet Orlando's world comes to life: six works which reveal what Ariosto (maybe) saw when he closed his eyes.

How. The challenge was to convey “What Ariosto saw when he closed his eyes” in a ninety-second video. The sensations aroused by tapestries, illustrated first editions, weapons, maps, sculptures, musical instruments and the masterpieces of artists of the period collected in museums around the world, from Mantegna to Raphael, Botticelli and Titian. A great Wunderkammer that comes to life on the screen.

What. Video concept and production.
Client. Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara (IT).
Year. 2016.
Partnerships. Muschi&Licheni.

The exhibition combines a wide variety of wonders, all associated with the character of Orlando. The idea is to reveal the huge influence that the poem has had on the imagery of so many artists over time, and to bring out the sense of discovery and adventure that it so powerfully conveys.

The videos can be seen on

Concept e regia Chialab e Marcello Signorile, fotografia e montaggio Raffaele Mariotti, musica Giovanni Bedetti