Bozza Chimera Fiera del Libro 2017

Back at work for BCBF 2017

Dopo una pausa di un anno abbiamo ripreso in mano il progetto e lo sviluppo dell’identità visiva della Fiera Internazionale del Libro per Ragazzi. Ce ne siamo occupati con continuità dal 2009 rispondendo alle sfide di ogni edizione con glifi, alfabeti, icone, colori… mai con figure!

After a one-year break, we have resumed work on the design and development of the visual identity of the Bologna Children's Book Fair. We have been taking care of it since 2009, rising to the challenges of each new edition with glyphs, alphabets, icons, colours… never with illustrations!

How. For the 2017 edition, for the first time in the history of the event, the visitor is accompanied by illustrations, in the form of a series of images created by Daniele Castellano. With him, we created a flexible identity that could tell some stories. His chimera enabled us to put together the fundamental soul of Bologna Children's Book Fair in a single animal, while the unique characteristics of the various fantastic creatures from which it was made gave voice to the contents of the event.
What. Selection of an illustrator, development of an idea and of the central theme, planning.
Client. Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2017.

The story of the idea, the project and the first developments is also told on the BCBF website.

Our work together at Bologna Children’s Bookfair