High text accessibility

We used a "design for all" approach to create a series of fictional novels for young people for Loescher publishing house. The Macramé series is conceived to offer the best possible text accessibility, both for stronger readers and for those who may struggle due to learning difficulties, visual impairment or age. The distinctive feature of this project is the inclusive approach to the design of all visual aspects of the page.

How. We studied the specific and unique aspects of the different abilities, identified which visual characteristics were shared and which were variable, and finally built a single reading platform that removed the barriers and obstacles, without disturbing more proficient readers.​
What. Graphic design.
Client. Loescher Editore, Turin (IT).
Year. 2012.

Work was done on the individual glyphs with similar shapes — even when backwards or rotated in space — like, for example, the group of letters p, b, d and q. Yet a letter is never read on its own but always in relation to that which precedes it and that which follows it. For this reason, Kind has different shapes for the same letter, which insert themselves automatically every time the recognition is compromised by a combination of letters with too similar shapes.