Agenda Cultura: what to do in Bologna

Come avere le attività culturali di una città a portata di mano in base ai miei interessi e ai miei tempi? Bologna Agenda Cultura è la nostra risposta.

How do you get a city's cultural activities at your fingertips, according to your own interests and times? Bologna Agenda Cultura is our answer. A colourful visual field bursting with pictures, showing everything that is happening in the city, with filters to choose your personal interests. A visual field in which the identity of the city emerges spontaneously, through the events, their quality and quantity.

How. We designed a technological infrastructure, based on BEdita CMS, which searches and aggregates contents from the contents selected by the editorial staff. These are automatically gathered and catalogued to facilitate production flow and publication.
What. Design, UX, UI, development.
Method and technologies. HTML5, CSS and Javascript, BEdita CMS, API REST.
Client. City of Bologna Culture Office, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2015.
Partnerships. Channelweb (server methods and RSS BOTs).
The Agenda Cultura project
BEdita CMS

Agenda Cultura is growing: we have completed the development of the REST APIs for Agenda Cultura. This service provides all information on programmed events as raw data. This enables the City of Bologna to feed the data to other autonomous apps and services.