Consumer analysis report

Understanding our electricity and gas consumption habits.

Hera is a multi-utility group offering environmental, water and energy services. We redesigned its electricity and gas bill, with the aim of making it easier for customers to read and analyse their energy consumption. The design had to take into account both legal requirements, ensuring that the information provided is clear and complete, and Hera's requirement to provide a simple, accessible tool.

The result was a neater, more legible bill, organized into order of customer reading competency, but still very full – indeed, too full - of information.


For this reason Hera decided to complement the classic bill with a precise and succinct report, to help customers analyse their energy consumption habits. The consumer analysis report is suitable for use alongside the bill or as a separate document.

By presenting consumption details, longer-term trends and comparison with equivalent homes, the report helps customers to understand the expenses listed on their bill and provides an overview into their habits.

The report was conceived in a number of stages. At the end of each stage, tests were run with a selected sample of Hera's customers. This made it possible to rapidly identify the most important information to include in the report, the units of measurement and types of comparison most appreciated.

The report is structured into four categories, and customized according to the type of service to be analysed (gas or electricity, private customer or company), and features three main sections:

  • analysis of overall consumption for the period analysed;
  • comparison with the previous year's consumption;
  • long-term trends in consumption.