ConTea Magazine

Recounting a multi-utility group’s relationship with the environment in a magazine.


We had already worked with Gruppo Tea (Tea Group) on a range of projects linked to its identity and communications (such as Maestra Natura and Citybin) when the company decided to update one of its publications: the ConTea magazine. From the very first briefings, the Tea Group expressed a need to construct a tool for its stakeholders, investors, shareholders, directors, managers, professional staff, journalists and public administration technicians. The magazine needed to clearly describe the company’s vision and approach to the environment by communicating its values and reinforcing the group’s identity.

Taking care of the environment means having a wide range of perspectives that can help us interpret what surrounds us through different disciplines.


ConTea seeks to bring together artistic, documentary, scientific and narrative perspectives in a single publication. Organising and balancing all these elements may be the way to successfully face the challenges the environment sets us. The risks of disciplinary fragmentation can be overcome thanks to a wide range of perspectives on environmental issues. This multiple approach to and interpretation of the environment is a fundamental Tea Group value. Its long-term focus on civic, environmental and strategic values reflects the company’s vision of its work and the idea of the future it is committed to building.

Starting from the need to communicate this complexity, we created a completely renewed publication.

In collaboration with the Tea Group’s communication office, we pictured the new ConTea magazine as a sober, simple, waste-free publication. A magazine where the issue of the environment would be treated professionally and with no “green” rhetoric.


The magazine starts from daily actions to show what is behind it. Science, art, technology, lifestyle and society offer the reader behind-the-scenes insights into services, which always begin from a simple daily action. ConTea seeks to recount, in print and web format, the issues the Tea Group cares about, and its local activities as a “public services company by nature” by offering insights, opinions and points of view that do not reduce complexity to a mere company-based or financial vision, but illustrate it with passion through the questions that arise every day from the experience of work and life.

All the material is treated within the paradigm of sustainability and its acceptance of the synergic relationship between environment, economy and society.

To achieve this required the collaboration of environmental experts, photographers, illustrators and journalists. Their varied languages recount a different theme at the heart of the Tea Group’s work in every edition. The first issue of the new ConTea magazine is dedicated to water as a fundamental element and sustenance for our ecosystem. The following editions will focus on the environmental issues at the centre of the Tea Group’s reflections and projects, like its park and garden management, environmental education and public lighting services.


In collaboration with the Tea communications office, we directed and coordinated an editorial department consisting of an internal team and freelance contributors. We developed a publishing schedule for the first six issues of the magazine, we chose the focus subjects and the authors, and we coordinated the editorial team and graphic project. The magazine is published in a digital version, too, as part of BiblioTea, the group’s digital newsstand, that we also design and manage.

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