Agenda Cultura

A one-stop shop for all of Bologna’s cultural events and initiatives.

Together with the Department of Culture of the City of Bologna (Comune di Bologna), Chialab designed and developed a new system called Agenda Cultura which collates all the information about the city’s countless cultural events. Agenda Cultura is a highly efficient way of collecting and sorting information, which has saved the city council considerable time and money.

Agenda Cultura is a website based on BEdita CMS, which searches and collates content from web sources selected by the editorial staff. The content is catalogued automatically to speed up the production and publication flow.

The interface is streamlined, so that the user can navigate the city’s multiplicity of cultural events through images.

Filters allow the user to list events by category (cinema, talks, workshops, exhibitions, music, shows, guided tours), theme (children, art, museums, books, theatre etc) and date.


The content, which is collected and published thanks to our sources are also available for apps and other services created independently by the municipality or its partners, via REST API.