44 pupils, 88 eyelids, 440 fingers, 1650 heartbeats a minute, 22 thousand trillion cells and kms of neurons in the same cloud-like aura: a unique organism.

Face to face

Telling your story

Face to Face: Piergiorgio Sorgetti meets Chialab

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Entering a design studio such as Chialab means finding a setting shaped around the hearts and minds of people who share their experience and knowledge through discussion and dialogue.

This dialogue is always dynamic and creative.

Each person within the studio mirrors another, each movement in the surrounding space converges into an apparently insignificant detail, which then comes to life.

“Face to face” explores the internal relations between these details, the movements, the habits and the peculiarities of the studio.

The sum of the particular characteristics – and the interactions that arise from them – reflects the character of the place itself, the way it draws people in and makes its name as a place of creativity and production, a space for work and discussion, a generator of ideas and designs.

Piergiorgio Sorgetti