BEdita CMS

Produce, manage and distribute contents together with all their semantic qualities.

BEdita CMS is a modular and semantic content management system developed as part of the BEdita Framework.
BEdita CMS allows our customers to grow their services adding value to the specific characteristics of their contents.
BEdita CMS allows you to manage and feed different frontends inside a single workflow, such as web-sites, apps, epubs, ebooks, and paper publications.
BEdita CMS is organised in modules, each of which fulfills the particular needs of editorial work or content management.

In BEdita CMS, content is organized and cured with the maximum respect for its semantic characteristics.

Just a few examples of projects managed by BEdita CMS:

For more information about features and licensing:

The project began in 2002 in collaboration with ChannelWeb, an IT consultancy agency. In 2018 we have released the fourth version of the BEdita framework which allows a solid service of API REST for management systems, apps, web-sites and third part services.