Internships, training periods

We gladly welcome students. To ensure these moments are useful for them, they need to be equally stimulating for us. Our knowledge, which we are happy to share, is a form of craftsmanship, built up through hands-on experience.

In order to convey it in a short time span the training programme needs to be a shared pathway, in which we put ourselves out there as much as our guests do.

We ask that the traineeship application be accompanied by a report describing the intended development project in concrete terms.

The proposed project must be compatible with the interests of Chialab, contain original elements and ideally form part of a research programme that will continue and develop after the end of the internship/traineeship.

It might be research, or a project in the fields of publishing, graphic design, brand identity, typography, illustration, photography, displays and staging, or software.

The project will be welcomed and included among the jobs being developed at Chialab. The development will be the intern's responsibility, with support from Chialab in the form of a dedicated tutor and access to our knowledge, tools and competencies.

The project must be described with: