Schermata Maturitapp Zanichelli tenuta in mano su smartphone

MaturitApp and UniversitApp

Which topics do I know? Which am I less sure about? Which do I need to revise? Project management and development of an app for students.

Zanichelli, an educational publisher, asked Chialab to develop an app to help these students monitor their revision of science subjects. In their final year, Italian high school students must pass a test containing multiple choice and general questions on any of their fifth year modules. Students hoping to go to university also have to take an admission test. Final-year students have many subjects to revise and very little time to revise them in.

For Zanichelli, we created MaturitApp and UniversitApp, two smartphone apps which allow students to assess their revision in science topics for the final high-school year and university admissions tests.

These apps enable students to identify the strong and weak points in their preparation, highlighting the areas that need to be revised.


This app contains hundreds of questions on subjects that need to be revised for the high-school science test, such as earth sciences, biology, chemistry and physics.


This app is aimed at students who take admission tests for university courses in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and other healthcare-related degrees. It contains questions on biology, chemistry, physics, logic and maths, taken from official exam papers.