Series, fronts, backs, spines and flaps...

We develop graphic projects for books from the first to the last page.


Let’s write the author’s name in big bold letters, but in font size 7 too. Is the series a logo or is the logo the title? It’s a series! Books should shine like jewels! Typeface only or packed with illustrations? Does the illustration illustrate? Books have to stand out from a distance, that’s what the bookseller said. Where’s the pink? Pink isn’t suitable, the book’s not a romance. We can put a nice relaxing photo in here, like a sunset. Which sunset? People want to see things clearly. So, let’s use some no-nonsense graphics. Trust me, two cats on the cover will look great! Calm down! We need some order here: title, subtitle, caption, back cover, maybe even a summary, eh? Let’s not leave the reader with any doubts. No way! Doubts and curiosity are our allies. A white cover with no texts and, at most, an acronym! We need suspense!