Creating and sharing multimedia content effectively.

Customer Zanichelli
Year 2015–17
Job Web App

Teachers who prepare lessons based on multimedia content face a tough challenge – harmonising different types of content, such as texts and videos, derived from diverse sources and IT platforms.

The educational publisher Zanichelli realised what was needed – a one stop-shop where all types of multimedia content could be stored, organised and exchanged by teachers, students and educational professionals. We created and developed Collezioni for Zanichelli, a web app which makes the publisher’s vast hoard of digital information available to different users.

On the app, Zanichelli’s extensive digital catalogue is presented in a user-friendly way. Users can search the catalogue, and combine and share information easily and intuitively.

Collezioni is available for desktop, tablet and smartphone. It is built on BEdita CMS, a system which sorts through thousands of multimedia resources systematically. The resources are collected and catalogued, and users can search either the entire catalogue or specific sections of it, by theme or subject.

Teachers can prepare interactive lessons, using pre-existing resources or their own material, then share them with students. They can either use pre-existing resources or create their own. Collezioni allows users to add external content such as YouTube videos or Google Drive files.