Bozza Chimera Fiera del Libro 2017

Back at work for BCBF 2017

Dopo una pausa di un anno abbiamo ripreso in mano il progetto e lo sviluppo dell’identità visiva della Fiera Internazionale del Libro per Ragazzi. Ce ne siamo occupati con continuità dal 2009 rispondendo alle sfide di ogni edizione con glifi, alfabeti, icone, colori… mai con figure!

After a one-year break, we have resumed work on the design and development of the visual identity of the Bologna Children's Book Fair. We have been taking care of it since 2009, rising to the challenges of each new edition with glyphs, alphabets, icons, colours… never with illustrations!

How. For the 2017 edition, for the first time in the history of the event, the visitor is accompanied by illustrations, in the form of a series of images created by Daniele Castellano. With him, we created a flexible identity that could tell some stories. His chimera enabled us to put together the fundamental soul of Bologna Children's Book Fair in a single animal, while the unique characteristics of the various fantastic creatures from which it was made gave voice to the contents of the event.
What. Selection of an illustrator, development of an idea and of the central theme, planning.
Client. Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2017.

The story of the idea, the project and the first developments is also told on the BCBF website.

Our work together at Bologna Children’s Bookfair


Alc.Este Urban regeneration

Con Real Estate Ferrara abbiamo realizzato un sito web per la documentazione e la comunicazione del processo di rigenerazione delle ex distillerie Alc.Este a Ferrara.

With Real Este Ferrara, we created a website documenting and communicating the regeneration process taking place at the former distilleries of Alc.Este in Ferrara.

How. Participation is a fundamental part of the entire process of urban regeneration, which will give a new lease of life to a currently disused area. The website brings together the various proposals of ways to use the area, and gives an account of the workshops on which all stages of the project are based.
What. Visual identity, design and architecture of website content.
Client. Real Estate Ferrara, Ferrara (IT).
Year. 2016.


WE. Young readers’ Weekend

Bologna, 28 e 29 marzo 2015. Per Bologna Fiere abbiamo creato il nome WE e disegnato l’identità visiva del Week end dei giovani lettori. 

Bologna, 28 and 29 March 2015. For Bologna Fiere we created the name WE and designed the visual identity for the Young Readers' Weekend. WE is the preview to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, open to all and bursting with ideas and activities.

How. “WE” instead of “I”, us instead of me, and thus an invitation to make reading a shared experience, and books a focal point for hygge.
What. Visual identity, naming.
Client. Bologna Trade fairs, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2015.

catalogo plastod

100 years of gauze and plasters

Plastod è un’azienda italiana che dal 1915 produce garze e cerotti che vengono commercializzati in tutto il mondo.

Plastod is an Italian company that has been producing gauzes and sticking plasters since 1915 and marketing them around the globe.

How. We designed a publication with photos, interviews, drawings and patents to tell the story of the first hundred years of Plastod.
What. Publishing project, graphic design, editing and page layout.
Client. Plastod, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2015.

“… the first natural rubber zinc oxide plaster made in Italy”.

de chirico

Metaphysics in Movement

Il Palazzo dei Diamanti di Ferrara ci ha chiesto di realizzare un breve video di presentazione della mostra De Chirico a Ferrara. Metafisica e avanguardie.

The Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara asked us to produce a short video presentation of the exhibition De Chirico a Ferrara. Metafisica e avanguardie [De Chirico in Ferrara. Metaphysics and the Avant-garde].

How. Many metaphysical masterpieces are imbued with an atmosphere of suspension and rarefied stillness. We took up the challenge of conveying these sensations in eighty-five seconds, offering a view from up-close to reveal the substance of the works.
What. Video concept and production.
Client. Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara (IT).
Year. 2015.
Partnerships. Muschi&Licheni.

De Chirico in Ferrara, video.

IeB Cricco sommario

Itinerari (digitali) nell’arte

Il libro (digitale) di uno dei manuali d’arte più presenti sui banchi degli studenti italiani. Itinerari nell’Arte offre allo studente un’esperienza di studio ricca e completa, e all’editore un flusso produttivo funzionale alla tempistica editoriale.

The digital version of one of the most commonly-used art text books in Italian schools. Itinerari nell’Arte [Itineraries in Art] offers a rich and comprehensive experience for students, and for publishers, a production flow suitable for the timescales seen in the industry.

How. We know that the medium strongly conditions the message, and that the shift to digital is not simply a matter of scanning and pasting the pages of the printed book as they are. We put together a team off editors, graphic artists and developers who revamped the pages of the book to make them suitable for the fluid environment of electronic devices.
What. Design, content editing, development.
Tools and technology. BEdita CMSIeBook.
Client. Zanichelli Editore, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2016.

Sign up on Iebook Zanichelli to browse through Itinerari nell’Arte


Become an Inventor 2016

Per Mantova Ambiente abbiamo progettato e organizzato il concorso Diventa Inventore. Quarantasei classi delle scuole primarie e secondarie di primo grado sul territorio mantovano hanno partecipato con entusiasmo, proponendo le loro idee, invenzioni e progetti, ispirandosi ai Fantastici Brevetti di Mantova Ambiente.

For Mantova Ambiente we designed and organized the competition Diventa Inventore [Become an Inventor]. Forty-six classes from local primary and secondary schools were enthusiastic participants, proposing their ideas, inventions and designs, drawing inspiration from the company's Fantastic Patents.

How. We designed an activity kit, comprising materials to cut out, instructions and suggestions. The kit was distributed to the different classes, where the pupils had a go at the difficult art of design for reuse. The five classes selected by the jury were rewarded with a selection of 100 children's books about the environment, in a big bin-shaped library on wheels.
What. Analysis, design and production of kits, communications and a library-bin. Organization and direction of the prize-giving day.
Client. Mantova Ambiente, Mantova (IT).
Year. 2016.

Become an Inventor is part of the environmental awareness raising campaign Differenti Positivi [positively different] developed for Mantova Ambiente.

The Differenti Positivi project
The Diventa Inventore competition


7 Fantastic Patents

Fantastici Brevetti raccontano, con ironia e positività, le aspirazioni più profonde di Mantova Ambiente. Li abbiamo usati per ripensare l’identità e la comunicazione dell’azienda.

The Fantastic Patents use a combination of irony and positiveness to talk about the deepest aspirations of Mantova Ambiente. We took them as a starting point to reconsider the company's identity and communication.

How. The key element of the communications redesign for Mantova Ambiente lies in the 7 Fantastic Patents. Rimiserve, Raccobista, Separino, Ricicletta, Fermolì, Spazzavolo, Potabene: seven inventive creations that illustrate seven of the company's actions and values.
What. Analysis, design, coordinated image.
Client. Mantova Ambiente, Mantova (IT).
Year. 2015.

The values of Mantova Ambiente expressed by the Fantastic Patents are:

  1. We do not destroy what has been created
  2. We do not throw away waste
  3. The difference is more than just subtraction
  4. Everything is illuminated
  5. Useless things will eventually become useful
  6. A clean environment makes for a better life
  7. Of all the colours, green is the most fertile
Ambinoi becomes an inventor

Ambinoi: we are the environment

Ambinoi è un laboratorio editoriale, progettato e realizzato per Mantova Ambiente, che ha preso la forma di una rivista.

Ambinoi is the fruit of a publishing workshop, designed and created for Mantova Ambiente, which became a magazine.

How. Forty-eight 17x24-cm pages, to help children aged eight to thirteen to reflect on environmental topics. Art, science, comic strips, games, reports, interviews… the ingredients are all there, and were produced by Marco Bassi, Luca Capuano, Carlo Favero, Luisa Mattia, Lorenzo Monaco, Giuseppe Palumbo, Matteo Pompili, Bruno Tognolini.
What. Publishing project, graphic design, editing and page layout.
Client. Gruppo TEA, Mantova (IT).
Year. 2015.

The digital version of Ambinoi can be seen on BiblioTEA.

Parole cruciali

Crucial words - Fiori Group at Ecomondo 2015

Rimini, Ecomondo 2015. Quest’anno lo stand del Gruppo Fiori è un cruciverba alto un metro e lungo quattordici, che contiene 320 parole cruciali per l’ambiente.

Rimini, Ecomondo 2015. This year the Fiori Group stand takes the form of a crossword 1 metre high and 14 metres long, containing 320 words of crucial environmental significance. Each year we develop a new strategic concept, but the challenge remains the same: to communicate what Fiori Group does, encouraging people to interact, take part, have fun, and share the experience of enjoying this space.

How. A maxi-crossword in which to find over three hundred words crucial for the environment, the ones that really make a difference in the Fiori Group's modern mine.
What. Analysis, design and production, staging, catalogue.
Client. Fiori Group, Valsamoggia (IT).
Year. 2015.

Our projects for Fiori Group

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