Interactive eBook

L’Interactive eBook – libro digitale tra i più avanzati – rappresenta anche per Zanichelli la principale proposta per la scuola digitale.

A new school year begins. Students open their books. Our Zanichelli Interactive eBook (in Italian) has grown with new functions and the online version.  The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has published their report (which you can read here) on the impact of digital technologies at school (but not only).  A few months ago, an article by Fabio Di Giammarco (in Italian) was published in Nòva, the online magazine of "Il Sole 24 Ore", on digital learning and cites Interactive eBook as one of the innovations of Italian publishing.

The Interactive eBook - one of the most advanced digital books - represents Zanichelli's main product for digital schooling.  
It includes all of the content of the printed version but it is enriched with more in-depth multimedia activities with the addition of sharing services among students and professors.  It is easily accessible - thanks to excellent graphics - from any device: from a computer screen to a tablet or smartphone.


Egyptian Museum

Il Museo Egizio di Torino si rinnova. L’editore Franco Cosimo Panini, che curerà le nuove edizioni legate al museo, ci ha affidato il progetto grafico e l’impaginazione del catalogo.

The Egyptian Museum in Turin is getting renovated. The publisher Franco Cosimo Panini, who will curate the new editions, has entrusted us with the graphics and layout of the official museum catalogue. 268 pages, 24.5x27 cm, with case binding and Sole (Molotro) typography, the catalogue was prepared in advance for the inauguration of the museum and is already being reprinted. From the great, one of a kind sculptures, to everyday objects, every page is a treasure, a new discovery with every turn of a page.


Zanichelli Collections

Collezioni Zanichelli nasce per dare a docenti e studenti un ambiente unico in cui cercare, raccogliere e condividere con la massima semplicità risorse didattiche multimediali (video, immagini, testi, audio) che spesso si trovano disperse in contesti diversi.

The Zanichelli Collections website was created to give teachers and students a single environment where they can search for, collect and share multimedia resources (videos, images, texts, audio clips), which are often dispersed in various contexts, with the greatest of ease.   

Creating your own collection is simple and intuitive: the search for multimedia resources can start with the Zanichelli archives, but it can also continue on to the internet or personal archives like DropBox and GoogleDrive.

Zanichelli Collections is useful for teachers in preparing and managing their lessons and for students to organize materials and do research.  

Collections was designed and developed for Zanichelli editore. To take advantage of the full potential of Zanichelli Collections, you must register at MyZanichelli.


Planet Fiori

Per la fiera Ecomondo 2014 abbiamo progettato l’allestimento del Gruppo Fiori come un Pianeta, un luogo dove non finiscono le cose, ma tutto viene raccolto per essere riutilizzato.

Rimini, Ecomondo 2014. An interactive space with six “wearable” sculptures for as many selfies in a futuristic and (sur)real environment. A snap-shot of Planet Fiori, the place “where things never run out” but where everything is kept to be used again.  

On Planet Fiori there are no limits to regeneration. Every material, gathered by Gruppo Fiori, is transformed, creating new environments, new objects, new stories. Those who visited the stand at Ecomondo fair became inhabitants of “Planet Fiori”, leaving a trail behind them on social networks here and here (both sites are in Italian).

The illustrations are by Angelo Monne.


Small Faces

We love difference. Bologna Children's Book Fair, end of March 2014. Difference as a value was the theme we worked with to interpret the visual identity of the most important event in the world of children’s literature. We reanimated the icons of the existing logo – a boy and girl reading – making them become the protagonists of the campaign for the 2014 edition. We designed about a hundreds of well-known and lesser-known faces, real and make-believe, but all different. We gave them life and let them scamper freely across the entire campaign. A cascade of faces, dotlike and colorful, which for this year took the place of the, now-traditional, themed alphabet.


Code name: temporary

Nome di battaglia: Provvisorio è una piccola antologia, un libro e un percorso educativo dedicato alla Resistenza. Raccoglie dai libri per ragazzi pensieri, racconti e figure.

Nome di battaglia: Provvisorio [Code name: temporary] is a small anthology, a book and an educational journey dedicated to the Italian Resistance. It brings together thoughts, stories and characters from books for young people.

How. We designed the volume and arranged the page layout, freely interpreting the eight-module grid to set out a wide and varied range of contents on the page. Nome di battaglia: Provvisorio is also an exhibition that we set up in Biella, at the Museo del Territorio Biellese museum.
What. Graphic design, page layout, staging of exhibition.
Client. Giannino Stoppani edizioni, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2015.


International Bookstore

Un enorme spazio, migliaia di persone, migliaia di libri, un tempo-visita ridotto. Come orientarsi tra i volumi selezionati nel panorama internazionale dalla Libreria Giannino Stoppani di Bologna?

An enormous space, thousands of people, thousands of books, a limited visiting time. How do you find your way among the volumes selected from the international scene by the Libreria Giannino Stoppani bookstore, Bologna?

How. We imagined a route through 26 themes, marked by as many letters. The marker icons on the maps, reproduced with huge dimensions above visitors' heads, enabling them to instantly find their bearings and guiding them among the thousands of titles for children and teenagers. 
What. Interior design, archi-graphics.
Client. Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2015.
Partnerships. Giannino Stoppani Cooperativa Culturale.

A: Alice, Alfabeti, Attività, Architettura [Alice, Alphabets, Activity, Architecture]. B: Best from the world, Bologna Ragazzi Award, Books&Seeds. C: Cina, Classici [China, Classics]. D: Disabilità [Disability]. E: Expo. G: Giallo [detective novels]. H: Haiku. I: Illustrazione [Illustration]. J: Jolly [wild card]. K: Kamillo Kromo [an Italian cartoon character]. L: Legalità [Legality]. M: Mappe, Matematica, Musica, Migranti [Maps, Mathematics, Music, Migration]. N: Natura [Nature]. O: Omero [Homer]. P: Pippi, Piccolo Principe [Pippi Longstocking, Little Prince]. Q: Quadri [Paintings]. R: Resistenza [Resistance]. S: Scienza, Storia, Sport [Science, History, Sport]. T: Tesori [Treasures]. U: Umorismo [Humour]. V: Vite [Lives]. W: Welcome. X: Pareggio [Draw/Tie]. Y: Young adults. Z: Zuzzurellone, Zerotre [Man-child, Zero-three].


Cue Press - Digital limelight

Cue Press è la prima casa editrice digitale dedicata al teatro e alle arti dello spettacolo. È un progetto sostenibile, scalabile e riproducibile di editoria digitale.

Cue Press is the first digital publishing house dedicated to the theatre and performing arts. It is a sustainable, scalable, reproducible digital publishing project.

How. With a little training and some dedicated tools, we enabled Cue Press publishing house to become autonomous in producing its own graphic artefacts. Just a few simple rules regarding the visual variables to be used within established limits are enough to ensure autonomous production, recognisability and visual quality.
What. Graphic design.
Client. Cue Press, Imola (IT).
Year. 2015.

Cue /kju:/: a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance.



Bioscop è la prima edizione musicale del collettivo di scrittori Wu Ming, in versione Contingent.

Bioscop is the first musical edition by the writers' group Wu Ming, in their Contingent formation.
Bioscop consists of ten biographies, ten plots, ten faces, ten stories. They are strewn onto CD, shocking pink vinyl and a booklet.

How. We created Bioscop with typographical characters made of eighteenth-century pear wood, which are resistant over the years to woodworm, runaway pixels and changing messages.​
What. Graphic design.
Client. Wu Ming Contingent, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2014.

Bioscop, instructions for use: slide the pink vinyl disc gently from its sleeve, lay the B-side on the turntable, raise the volume by turning the knob clockwise. Pull out the booklet, breathe in its scent and read its (typographical) characters.

Bioscop is also an early movie projector, invented in Germany in the late nineteenth century by the Skladanowsky brothers.


Books & Seeds

Books & Seeds è una mostra che raccoglie una selezione di oltre cento libri da tutto il mondo, dedicati ai principali temi di Expo Milano 2015: agricoltura, coltivazione biologica, biodiversità, abbondanza e deficit alimentare, cucina.

Books & Seeds is an exhibition bringing together a selection of over a hundred books from across the globe, dedicated to the main themes of Expo Milano 2015: agriculture, organic cultivation, biodiversity, food surplus and deficit, cooking. It was held at the Salaborsa library in Bologna and at the EXPO Bio Diversity Park in Milan. 

How. We designed an exhibition system derived from the fruit stands that we see on provincial roadsides. Nomadic architecture, made with basic materials, simple to set up and to move, everything can be dismantled and reassembled in five minutes. The illustrated canvases attract distracted passers-by, while the crates contain not only fruit, but also books, seeds, figures and ideas.
What. Design, staging of exhibition.
Client.Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2015.

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