Fútbologia, football cubed

Ci siamo offerti di realizzare l’identità visiva per Fútbologia: un festival di tre giorni a Bologna e un’associazione “per parlare con stile di calcio”.

We offered to create the visual identity for Fútbologia: a three-day festival in Bologna and an association to “talk about football with style”.

How. The mascot, São Pedrinho, included in all official communications, is made of porphyry stone, and has been chosen as the official patron and talisman of all “footbologists”.
What. Coordinated image.
Client. Associazione culturale Fútbologia, Bologna (It).
Year. 2012.

“We’ve known the smell of football since we were kids. The smell of mildew in the locker room, grease for the cleats, sweaty jerseys. Entire line-ups learned by heart. We have been watching football all our lives. We recognize stadiums from across the world.
But the level of conversation about football in Italy is very low. And its global business system is up to its ears in shit. It’s less fun lately.
But we have a plan.
A conversation about football from a historical, comparative and contemporary perspective. About power and popular culture. Social and physical sciences, art and literature. Pressing upfield and Tahrir Square.”