monsieur frels occhiali

Frels - keep in touch with your glasses

Frels è un nuovo prodotto “eyewear”: due piccole estensioni delle stanghette che permettono di non perdere gli occhiali tenendoli comodamente sulle spalle. Sono stati sviluppati in due anni di ricerche sui temi usabilità, biocompatibilità e tecnologia nel rispetto dei crismi dell’alta qualità dei prodotti svizzeri.

Frels is a new eyewear product: two small extensions to the temple tips that ensure you don't lose your glasses, and can wear them comfortably on your shoulders. After two years of research into usability, biocompatibility and technology, they were developed to maintain the exacting standards of top-quality Swiss production.

How. We set out from a careful analysis of its characteristics, and of its future habitat in opticians' shops. We then used our conclusions to define the strategic aspects of our communication: logogram, visual identity, packaging, promotional materials and a mini website. 
What. Identity, strategy, website, communications.
Client. Frels, Lugano (CH).
Year. 2016.

The Frels project in detail