Exploring memories

The archIVI project is a portal inviting you to explore memories of the city of Bologna, browsing through the city's public and private archives. archIVI seeks to recover, protect, index and render accessible the immense and fragmented wealth of historic documents, photographs and audio-visual materials that together form the physical memory of the past two centuries in this city.

How. In addition to co-designing and producing the IT system, it was our job to make accessibility to the vast quantity of data as smooth and simple as possible. We also took care of the user experience and the design of the graphic interface of the portal, right down to details such as the design of a special system of icons.
Year. 2012.
Partnerships.  Expert System, Channelweb.


archIVI is sponsored by Fondazione del Monte and Fondazione Carisbo, and involves many of the institutions and bodies of the City of Bologna.