Books & Seeds

Books & Seeds è una mostra che raccoglie una selezione di oltre cento libri da tutto il mondo, dedicati ai principali temi di Expo Milano 2015: agricoltura, coltivazione biologica, biodiversità, abbondanza e deficit alimentare, cucina.

Books & Seeds is an exhibition bringing together a selection of over a hundred books from across the globe, dedicated to the main themes of Expo Milano 2015: agriculture, organic cultivation, biodiversity, food surplus and deficit, cooking. It was held at the Salaborsa library in Bologna and at the EXPO Bio Diversity Park in Milan. 

How. We designed an exhibition system derived from the fruit stands that we see on provincial roadsides. Nomadic architecture, made with basic materials, simple to set up and to move, everything can be dismantled and reassembled in five minutes. The illustrated canvases attract distracted passers-by, while the crates contain not only fruit, but also books, seeds, figures and ideas.
What. Design, staging of exhibition.
Client.Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2015.