To the cinema!

Al cinema! is a new preschool that has been set up in Bologna thanks to Fondazione Gualandi, which has a long-standing focus on the special needs arising from deafness.

How. In addition to the design of the usual visual aspects – logo, colours, fonts – we came up with something extra. We asked ourselves what would be the most useful tools that visual communication can offer in a preschool. Are the logo, flag colours, visual identity and brand management enough? Or can communication design offer something more? We were greeted with great openness and sensitivity to our proposals, and so, in addition to the logo, we created three writing systems to work in perfect synergy with the school's programmes. The three writing systems will become interactive workshops and materials for play that will generate infinite forms of writing, kinetic alphabets in continuous expansion.​

What. Coordinated image.
Client. Fondazione Gualandi, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2013.

In silence a letter can become an image and an image can become a letter. The shapes of the glyphs are tangible objects that, when used as stamps, leave their mark, objects that project shadows onto white walls, objects, of which the outlines carved out of wood, leave behind the shape and become alphabets.
The shapes of the letters are broken up into simple units, junctions, beams, curves. Like a typographical Meccano, the shapes of the letters are taken apart and put back together in endless new configurations, pushing the limits of legibility.
The logo. An homage to silent film, to images that speak in silence. To the location, which before housing the preschool was, for many years, a cinema for the deaf.