Senza parole

Abbiamo prodotto il catalogo illustrato per Senza Parole, una mostra bibliografica, a carattere itinerante, costituita da silent book e corti di animazione senza parole che arrivano da diversi paesi del mondo.

We have produced an illustrated catalogue for Senza Parole [Speechless], a travelling bibliographic exhibition, comprised of silent books and silent animated shorts from different parts of the world.

How. We planned the exhibition and illustrated catalogue, which includes a bibliography and a filmography as well as contributions from experts and operation sheets.
What. Staging design, graphic design and catalogue page layout, archi-graphics and coordinated image.
Client. Cooperativa Culturale Giannino Stoppani, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2018.

The exhibition project, curated by Cooperativa Culturale Giannino Stoppani, was originally the idea of the group “Un sorriso un libro per Silvia” [a smile, a book for Silvia], in memory of the librarian Silvia Agnelli and her profound sense of responsibility and care for the present, in particular towards children. Senza Parole draws inspiration from the values supported by IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) and in particular from the international project “Libri senza parole. Dal mondo a Lampedusa e ritorno” [Books without words. From the world to Lampedusa and back], promoted by Ibby Italy.

The exhibition, inaugurated on 17 February 2018 at the Municipal Hall of San Zeno Naviglio, Italy, will visit the libraries of Rezzato, Montichiari, Sirmione, Nuvolento and Botticino.

monsieur frels occhiali

Frels - keep in touch with your glasses

Frels è un nuovo prodotto “eyewear”: due piccole estensioni delle stanghette che permettono di non perdere gli occhiali tenendoli comodamente sulle spalle. Sono stati sviluppati in due anni di ricerche sui temi usabilità, biocompatibilità e tecnologia nel rispetto dei crismi dell’alta qualità dei prodotti svizzeri.

Frels is a new eyewear product: two small extensions to the temple tips that ensure you don't lose your glasses, and can wear them comfortably on your shoulders. After two years of research into usability, biocompatibility and technology, they were developed to maintain the exacting standards of top-quality Swiss production.

How. We set out from a careful analysis of its characteristics, and of its future habitat in opticians' shops. We then used our conclusions to define the strategic aspects of our communication: logogram, visual identity, packaging, promotional materials and a mini website. 
What. Identity, strategy, website, communications.
Client. Frels, Lugano (CH).
Year. 2016.

The Frels project in detail



DockBooking è un’app mobile per la prenotazione di posti barca e un CMS (web) per la loro gestione e amministrazione da parte dei portuali.

DockBooking is a mobile app for reserving seats on boats, and a WCMS with which port facilities can manage and administer them.

How. DockBooking asked for a long analysis of competitors in the boating sector and of best practices in the online reservation sector. Having concluded the analysis and the initial planning stages, we quickly moved on to the development of a prototype that would then enable us to collect data and information on the firms and to test how the app worked.
What. Analysis, general design, UX and UI design, prototyping, development, testing.
Method and technology. Agile, ScrumDNASynapseNativescriptStripe.
Client. DockBooking, Lugano (CH).
Year. 2017.


Lo Sai? Ripassa con lo smartphone

Lo Sai? Ripassa con lo smartphone è un’app per smartphone legata ai libri di testo Zanichelli che propone esercizi e schede di teoria. Aiuta gli studenti nell’autovalutazione e a ripassare rapidamente prima della verifica o dell’interrogazione.

Lo Sai? Ripassa con lo smartphone  [Do you know it? Revise with your smartphone] is a mobile phone app for use with Zanichelli text books, offering exercises and revision sheets. It helps students with self-assessment and rapid revision when preparing for tests at school.

How. Lo Sai? is designed in collaboration with publisher Zanichelli Editore. Students helped to analyse their own needs and habits, and took part in trials to evaluate their satisfaction regarding the user experience and graphic interface. The team worked simultaneously on the design, development, editing and testing. A website simulating the app enables editors to enter the questions and calibrate them to the screen dimensions of smartphones.
What. Market analysis, design, UX, UI, development, testing, coordination of content editing.
Method and technology. Agile, ScrumDNASynapse.
Client. Zanichelli Editore, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2017.
Partnerships. Edigeo, Mondora, SPX Lab.

Lo Sai? Ripassa con lo smartphone was a finalist at the Lugano Grand Prix Moebius 2017 in the Evolving Publishers category.


Become an Inventor 2017

Diventa Inventore è un concorso promosso da Mantova Ambiente, rivolto alle scuole elementari e medie, per ridurre la produzione di rifiuti sensibilizzando le nuove generazioni sul tema del riuso.

Diventa Inventore [become an inventor] is a competition promoted by Mantova Ambiente for elementary and middle schools, to reduce the production of waste and raise awareness among the younger generation about reuse.

How. We designed an activity kit, comprising materials to cut out, instructions and suggestions. The kit was distributed to the different classes, where the pupils had a go at the difficult art of design for reuse. The winners were rewarded with a selection of 100 children's books about the environment, in a big bin-shaped library on wheels.
What. Analysis, design and production of kits, communications and a library-bin. Organization and direction of the prize-giving day.
Client. Mantova Ambiente, Mantua (IT).
Year. 2017.
Partnerships. Maurizio Cardillo - actor and entertainer, Gianumberto Accinelli - entomologist, Lorenzo Monaco - science journalist, Silvana Sola - pedagogist and bookseller.

Become an Inventor is part of the environmental awareness raising campaign Differenti Positivi [positively different] developed for Mantova Ambiente.

The Differenti Positivi project
The Diventa Inventore competition



Citybin è un servizio innovativo per la raccolta differenziata di carta, plastica, vetro e alluminio nel centro storico di Mantova.

Citybin is an innovative service for the separated collection of paper, plastic, glass and aluminium in the historic centre of Mantua. A modular container that makes it easier for people to insert their waste, cleaner waste collection for the city, and more efficient recycling in favour of the environment.

How. We drafted a communication plan to promote the new Mantova Ambiente bin to the local population. The communication will convey a strong image, coherent with the commitment and care with which Mantova Ambiente and the people of Mantua approach problems relating to the environment, ecology and sustainability. The project began by building an identity for the new bin (name, logo, graphic design for the electronic card) and continues with communications on all media used to inform the local population and raise awareness of the new service.

What. Identity, graphic design, creative direction, copywriting and editing of content.
Client. Mantova Ambiente, Mantua (IT).
Year. 2018.

The new Citybins were created by the City of Mantua, in partnership with Mantova Ambiente, based on a design by Giulio Iacchetti.

Watch the videos here and here

BCBF Chloe-01.png

BCBF 2018. Visual identity workshop

Abbiamo elaborato l’identità visiva dell’edizione 2018 di Bologna Children’s Book Fair all’interno del laboratorio BCBF visual identity workshop. 

We developed the visual identity for the 2018 edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair at the BCBF visual identity workshop. This year, among the participants from the Illustrators’ Exhibition 2017, we have selected 22-year-old Parisian Chloé Alméras: we were looking for the architecture of worlds, inhabited landscapes, planetary systems, living, flexible environments. We dived into Chloé’s illustrations, into her shades of blue and her microscopic details, which gave us an idea about how to use them to talk about the fair. A world teeming with details and at the same time, inhabited with a calm intensity.

How. Chloé came to visit us in July, and we spent many hours together tuning in with one another. We were soon submerged in her drawings, full of minute details, suggestive of a fertile world where stories are conceived, shared and multiplied: so it was that the central theme of this edition was unearthed: “Fertile Ground for Children’s Content”.
What. Selection of an illustrator, development of an idea and of the central theme, planning.
Client. Bologna Trade fairs, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2018.

The story of the idea, the project and the first developments is also told on the BCBF website.

Our work together at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Nurturing Youthful Humanism

Coltivando un giovane umanesimo / Nurturing Youthful Humanism è una mostra, con relativa immagine coordinata e catalogo, che esibisce 200 libri per ragazzi raccolti in tutto il mondo a partire dalle parole di Papa Francesco. L’abbiamo realizzata in occasione della visita del pontefice a Bologna il primo ottobre 2017.

Nurturing Youthful Humanism is an exhibition, complete with coordinated image and catalogue, exhibiting 200 children's books from around the globe, starting with the words of Pope Francis. We organized it to mark the Pope's visit to Bologna on 1st October 2017.

How. The tree is the key idea for the structure of the exhibition, communications and catalogue. The exhibition comprises nine trees in natural wood, each three metres tall, with the books displayed on the branches.
What. Staging design, graphic design and catalogue page layout, archi-graphics and coordinated image.
Client. Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2017. 
Partnerships. Cooperativa Culturale Giannino Stoppani.

The digital version of the catalogue is available for download here.

The project was developed from an idea by Elena Pasoli (Bologna Children’s Book Fair) with scientific supervision from Cooperativa Culturale Giannino Stoppani. The catalogue is published by Giunti Editore.

The exhibition runs from 4 October 2017 at the church of Santi Bartolomeo e Gaetano, Bologna.


Maestra natura: Abbecedario

Abbecedario è l’allestimento di uno stand fieristico progettato per il Gruppo TEA, che promuove i valori della sostenibilità e comprende anche una pubblicazione cartacea e digitale.

Abbecedario [reading primer] is a trade fair stand designed for Gruppo TEA, promoting the value of sustainability. It also includes a printed and digital publication.

How. We designed and created an interactive reading primer for the Millennial  Fair of Gonzaga, with twenty-one rotating letters, each revealing sustainable behaviours naturally adopted by animals. Abbecedario is part of the Maestra Natura [learning from nature] project.
What. Analysis, design and production, copywriting and editing of contents.
Tools and technology. IeBook.
Client. Gruppo TEA, Mantova (IT).
Year. 2017.

“Why a reading primer? Because, like good schoolchildren, the first thing we need to learn is to read nature. Letter by letter, step by step, nature teaches us how to take care of the environment. Each animal, even the smallest one, can prove to be a great life teacher, ready to reveal to us, page after page, the art of protecting, helping, preserving and working together to live in perfect harmony with the environment. Naturally sustainable.” (translated from the pages of Abbecedario)

The digital version of Abbecedario-Maestra Natura can be seen on BiblioTEA.



MaturitApp è un’app per smartphone che contiene 540 quiz di biologia, chimica, fisica e scienze della Terra su tutti gli argomenti da ripetere prima dell’esame di maturità. Aiuta i ragazzi a verificare la loro preparazione, confermare ciò che sanno bene ed evidenziare velocemente i punti deboli da ripassare

MaturitApp is a quiz app for smartphones containing 540 Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences tests on all topics to be revised for the Italian high school leaving exams. It helps students to check how well-prepared they are, confirming what they know well and rapidly highlighting any weak areas for further revision.

How. We designed and developed a tool to encourage students to test themselves, making revision more fun. MaturitApp is designed for students approaching their leaving exams, but it can also help those preparing exercises for students, by identifying the most difficult topics, and thus creating exercises more suitable for revision work.
What. Strategy, design, UX, UI, development, promotion.
Method and technology. Agile, ScrumDNASynapse.
Client. Zanichelli Editore, Bologna (IT).
Year. 2016.

MaturitApp and UniversitApp in detail

“The app that needs to be on the smartphone of every candidate is undoubtedly MaturitApp by Zanichelli, available free of charge from Apple Store and Google Play. This highly functional app allows students to assess their level of preparation across a range of subjects, such as Biology or Earth Sciences, using quizzes on the main topics that have to be memorized in order to be sufficiently prepared and pass the third exam with ease.” (Smartworld, June 2016)

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