Interactive eBook is a multidevice platform,
for a full e-learning experience.

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Explore /

ieBook is handcrafted for iPad, Android tablets and the web, enriched with adaptive texts, high resolution images and advanced multimedia tools. Each piece of content is available at the tap of a finger.


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Learn /

ieBook is for students and teachers. Each feature is specifically designed to help you out with your learning tasks. Video streaming, slideshows, hot-spot animations, in-depth focus cards, text-to-speech player and self-assessment tools combine to a unique experience of interaction and engagement.

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Customize /

ieBook defines a new standard in educational tools. You can customize your experience: highlighting keywords, adding notes, bookmarking your favorite content, adding text, sketches and figures with a powerful inline editor.

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Share /

ieBook can be used online and offline. Once connected, everything syncs between devices in real time. Teachers and students can easily interact, asking for help, sharing content, uploading files.

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Workflow /

All contents are semantically structured. Both the print edition and ieBook digital edition are easily managed with BEdita CMS in the same publishing process.