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Zanichelli / Interactive eBook

Interactive eBooks, designed in collaboration with the Zanichelli publishing house, are the result of three years of experimentation and research on how the textbook can be transformed by new media.

Interactive eBooks include all the contents of the paper book, but they go beyond the page and redefine the concept of learning, making it an engaging and dynamic experience. They have a wealth of multimedia and interactive elements. Each book allows you to enter into a true social network for learning, thanks to virtual classrooms, which can be managed by teachers to communicate and share resources with students, chatting and comments.

After the pilot project, which saw the creation of Biologia. La scienza della vita. (from the American bestseller textbook Life: the Science of Biology published by W.H. Freeman Publ.), we began the production of 11 other interactive eBooks, which will be online beginning in the next school year.

IeBs are created, managed and published through the BEdita platform: each phase of editorial work is carried out through an operative module dedicated to and designed and developed for standard publishing tasks.

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The reader’s personal page, with indexes, notes, profile, quizzes, virtual classrooms, multimedia resources…


Interactive eBooks have the syllabification of the text, the glossary and the possibility to highlight and add post-it notes.