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chialab / design della visione

ita / eng


Virya produces and distributes products made according to the Ayurveda tradition. We worked to reposition the brand and redesigned the overall visual identity. As is our custom, we started with careful research of the industry, which allowed us to identify color schemes and images that would be new or had already been used. It quickly became clear that there was a substantial differentiation between the herbal market — full of greens and yellows, naturalistic illustrations and calligraphic fonts — and the traditional pharmaceuticals market — dominated by blues, aniconic, with sterile, sans-serif fonts.

With its new image, Virya was interested in positioning itself between these two worlds, to offer, with professionalism and scientific competence, products and services that integrate the thousand-year-old holistic tradition of Ayurveda into the contemporary local context.

The second step was that of immersing ourselves in the culture that uses what we Europeans call "alternative medicine". We happily got Ayurvedic massages, tasted Indian foods and studied the Sanskrit alphabet, and we learned to get to know our dosha: vata, pitta, kapha

The result was a logo that echoes the Sanskrit glyphs and the use of the eight-petaled lotus, a symbol full of meaning and the basis of representations of Yantra, a sacred image of Hinduism and Buddhism and the national symbol of India. A production system of infinite textures characterizing lines and products.