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Velisti per caso

A navigable site to retrace the voyages of Adriatica, the sailboat that has taken Syusy Blady and Patrizio Roversi around the world accompanied by friends, entertainers, writers, artists and old sea dogs. Velisti per caso (Yachtsmen by chance) collects the stories, images, ideas and initiatives born out of Patrizio Roversi and Syusy Blady’s television programs. A varied multiplicity of stories and characters that is difficult to recount without losing your bearings.

The idea was that of creating a site about navigation that was actually navigable. Together with the classic type of usage through a menu, we created an interface with Channelweb based on the dynamic maps of Google — intended not as the image supply but as the cornerstone of the site itself.

Each type of content can be georeferenced and inserted onto the map: positioning yourself on the map, you can retrace the destinations of the yachtsmen allowing the person navigating online to experience the splendor of the voyage.

The interactive structure, the wealth of constantly updated content, the web TV and the integration of social networks make the navigation experience engaging and participatory. Bon voyage.