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CIRC Bologna

We have always been enchanted by images that are from and in science. Their visual strength derives directly from what they represent. They show themselves for what they are; they become a demonstration and quickly transform themselves into symbols. In this way, Watson and Crick’s "double helix", designed in 1953 to represent how information is encoded by molecules of DNA, sits side by side today with a new representation: genome mapping. We couldn’t resist the temptation to take advantage of this new icon to represent the CIRC.

In fact, the CIRC, the Giorgio Prodi Interdepartmental Cancer Research Center (Centro Interdiparimentale di Ricerche sul Cancro Giorgio Prodi), has a platform for the mass sequencing of the genome. It is a unique structure and at the forefront of worldwide cancer research, with the aim of promoting synergies in the development of research projects.


Inside human genome | circbologna on Blip

Giorgio Prodi Interdepartmental Cancer Research Center, the contribution of the Carisbo foundation to oncological research.