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Mar / Museo d'Arte Ravenna

When they asked us to rethink the identity of the art museum of the city of Ravenna, we found ourselves confronted with a city surrounded by a rich and varied territory — that looks out onto the Adriatic Sea, of which it has always been one of the main ports — and a historic and artistic past known around the world.

In accordance with the custom — starting with MoMA in New York — of using an acronym, all the better if endowed with meaning and not cacophonous, we proposed MAR, which also means “sea” in Italian.

The identity, starting with the name, was built in harmony with the new artistic direction of the museum, to mark a discontinuity with the most recent past but at the same time to show its rooting in the city, with its beautiful art and landscape. The visual identity is simple: it’s built around the logo and a color. The logogram represents the waves of the sea but aboveall recalls the beautiful Loggetta Lombardesca which houses the halls of the museum.


MAR. Museo d'Arte Ravenna
MAR. Museo d'Arte Ravenna
MAR. Museo d'Arte Ravenna