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Bologna Children's Book Fair

Since 2009 we’ve designed the visual identity — in all its various forms — of the international Children’s Book Fair in Bologna. Building an image that is renewed each year, in a visual environment that is so structured and high profile, forced us to ask ourselves what graphic register would be capable of handling such a complex set-up.

We ruled out the use of any iconographic, photo or illustration collection, we didn’t choose a dominant color but a chromatic range, and we decided to entrust ourselves above all to the shapes of letters. Each year we design a themed alphabet for the BCBF, and each year we coordinate it with care to all the communication tools — from the website to the map, from the internal set of forms to the publications, all the way to the signage and the interior outfitting. In this way, the writing becomes a sign, makes an impression, and accompanies the visitor inside one of the world’s biggest events dedicated to children’s book publishing.

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