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People / about us

In the mid-1980s, Beppe Chia came up with the idea for a graphic design studio that, combining research, hands-on experience and training, would work on a multidisciplinary level in different project areas.

In 1995, in Bologna, after 10 years of intense collaboration, Chialab was born: a "laboratory" where research and innovative solutions meet the demands of people and the market, and are made available to our clients.

For us, graphic design is the discipline through which we build projects: it is a multimodal and instant tool, able to combine and coordinate different languages. Through the direction of the layout, we are able to deal with a wide range of possibilities, tasks, frameworks and technology — both analog and digital. Thanks to graphic design and the possibilities offered by new technologies, we can address a wide audience as well as a specialized niche, making content accessible in a precise and dynamic way in space and time.

Chialab is a studio that runs like a "laboratory" — a space where technology is mixed in with plants, a foosball table, research material, couches and a library with over 1,500 volumes. At Chialab we have built a mental space, a place where we spend 2/3 of our lives, sharing an approach to our work and managing it with extreme flexibility based on our passion and the needs of our projects and clients. In this way, we share a collective foundation, a single multidisciplinary work environment where we exchange questions, problems, hypotheses, knowledge and visions which intertwine and lead us to solutions and innovative ideas.

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Beppe Chia
Christian Magagni
Alex Weste
Andrea Alberti
Manuel Zanettin
Giacomo Soldati
Simona Bertoli
Jessica Cantoni
Michele Tomasini
Claudio Natale
Edoardo Cavazza
Chiara Monzali
Silvia Canini

Average age

440 years / 13 = 33,5 years old


8 kids (3 girls, 5 boys)


lat 44.4964049 / long 11.3202305

Year we started


Year Chialab opened


Mq / person

300 mq / 13 = 23 mq


1,500 volumes circa

Plant life


Projects underway October 2013


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